Thursday, May 22, 2008

Volcano Creek Golden Trout

Little Kern Golden Trout
The little Kern Golden is a trout that seldom grows larger than 14 inches.It is a beutiful fish but does not have the brilliant colors of the Volcano Golden Trout.The coloration of the Little Kern Golden is so variable that it has been broken down into several different strains of golden,known as the Soda Creek Golden,the Coyote Creek Golden and the Gilbert Golden.This fish evolved in little kern kern rivers during the last ice age.After the ice age Rainbows migrated into the Kern and hybridized all but the most isolated areas of Little Kern Goldens.By the late 70's interbreeding with introduced Rainbows and Brown trout reduced the Little Kern Goldens to 5 isolated populations within a range of 8 miles.and subsequent repopulation of exotic fish.Since 1975 44 miles of streams and 4 lakes have been treated and protected.Pure Little Kern's were trapped from Deadman and Fish Creeks and reintroduced in the cleansed waters.The Little Kern Golden is a n example of how we can restore a natural resource if we are willing to spend the time,money and effort.This is a reminder to all people,not too transplant anothe species where they don"t belong

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